Sausage Dog Cushions now available from ETSY!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

 Delightful individually or as a pair, these luxurious Sausage Dog cushions are a truly unique addition to any room! And they are now available to purchase from my Etsy shop!

This piece is 100% Hand Made by me in Hampshire, United Kingdom. It was screen printed by hand from my own original Illustration, which was originally hand drawn line by line in black ink.

Important Details:

-19.5'x 13.5' inches

*Sausage Dog cushions sold separately. £38.00 per cushion
-Front of Cushion: Sausage Dog Head design
-Back of Cushion: Sausage Dog Tail design
*For fun buy two and arrange them as shown in the picture!

-100% Handmade in the UK
-Made of Natural, High quality Canvas 
-Professionally made to a high standard
-Screen printed by hand with black, fabric screen printing ink
-Filled with a Duck Feather Filling

Care Instructions:

Cover: Gentle Hand wash
Filling: Professional Dry Cleaning Only

"A Little Place In The Country" : OPEN from Friday

Thursday, 11 December 2014

It's the second week of December, and it has some pretty distinctive features. People are buzzing around like frazzled bumble bee's as last years bobbled christmas jumper now seems acceptable attire for well.. pretty much every occasion, the carol singing buskers (and the one person who takes dancing to them, just that little bit too far.. but it's Christmas so you just want to join them) and the shopping madness which takes crowd surfing to a whole new level, just lean back and see where the crowds take you!
So if you fancy escaping the madness for a while, we invite you once again, to our little Christmas shop in the country. We had a great crowd come along to see us last week including 'The Dorset Finca' ( who was just lovely.
This week we are open Friday to Sunday, 10am until 6pm and as always, we would love to see you in all your bobbled jumper glory.

The Old Farmhouse Studio, 
Gussage Saint Michael, 
BH21 5JE.

*Artist Not Included - Etsy shop now OPEN

Sunday, 7 December 2014

"Delightful Dachshund" Sausage Dog Screen Print £38.00 for the pair
"Always In My Heart" Hare Screen Print £34.00
"Posh Pug" Screen Print £23.00
"Hairy Sausage" Screen Print £58.00 for the pair

 I am delighted to announce that my Etsy shop is now officially OPEN for business! So whether your Head over Tails for Dachshunds, Potty for Pugs or ... I think that's my limit actually! Then come along to my shop : . I'll see you there!

A little place ...

Friday, 5 December 2014

In the Summer of this year my Mum and I decided we would open a Christmas shop. I can't remember exactly how the idea came about, but I can imagine it was an animated conversation (as it always is with us), the Idea's of what products we would make getting louder and louder as we got increasingly more excited about the possibility of this magical shop we had started to paint in our imaginations.
Well, after a lot of hard work, it has finally happened. My Mum, Jeannie, ( is opening her working studio as 'The Old Farmhouse Christmas shop', stocked to the brim with unique gifts, original artwork and prints. I can honestly say, I could not be prouder or more excited, because, really, what could be better than opening a shop with your best friend.
We are open from the 6th of December (tomorrow!) and we would love to see you here!

The Old Farmhouse Studio, 
Gussage Saint Michael, 
BH21 5JE.

The Otter

Saturday, 29 November 2014

This is my most recent commission of the English river otter. With my work, the detail is what I concentrate on predominantly, especially with wildlife,  as I want the result to be very tactile and give a real sense of character.
I really enjoyed completing this piece as I feel otters have a very strong personality, a strong sense of pride and a protective nature. I loved creating the knotted grass in the background, drawing each one was like solving a puzzle!
For more information on comission's please contact me:

'Mint Tea Boutique' in Winchester

Thursday, 20 November 2014

I am very proud to say that my Sausage Dog and Pug Prints along with my cards are now available from 'The Mint Tea Boutique' and I thought I would share this haven of pure luxury with you.
'The Mint Tea Boutique' is one of those shops where everything else just melts away. You can chat to the lovely owners about how gorgeous things are, or you can just quietly fondle the beautiful array of treasure's which surround you. 
Basically, it's the shop equivalent of a bear hug.
The Clothes are inspired by Vintage styles with a modern twist, the perfect place to find those staple pieces to work your 'basic's' around, like this Louche 'Neale' skirt.
 The Homeware's have a bohemian feel but again with a sense of nostalgia. I particularly like, and purchased, the 'Kariba Glass Antique Frames' for photographs and keepsakes.
There really is something for everyone with gifts for men and a range for kids that will melt your heart.
So instead of sharpening your elbows for the Christmas rush through swarming shopping centres, take time out, not just for gifts, 
but for yourself. 

Mint Tea Boutique,
The Consortium,
39 Jewry Street,
S023 8RY.


'Stamping Around'

Thursday, 13 November 2014

 Sometime's when you find something great, you just have to tell someone about it. 
I needed a stamp for the back of my cards and prints with all of my information on it, and that's when I found these guys :  'The English Stamp Company' 
I was blown away by the professional service, speedy delivery, and I couldn't ask for more from the quality of the stamp. As soon as it arrived I got to work stamping, well, everything in my collection! The other thing I love is the fact that this company is family run and reading through their story on their website is truly heartwarming. 
So whatever your stamping needs may be, these are the people you need to get in touch with : 

"If you go down to the woods today"

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

These cards are hand printed from my original Illustrations on 280gsm, 100% recycled ribbed brown card and are teamed with a bright pink envelope. These cards will be available from our Christmas shop (open from the 6th of December) and my Etsy shop (open soon!).

"If you don't care for Tea Cup Pugs..."

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

"You could at least make polite conversation!"
(The Mad Hatter - "Alice in Wonderland")

These cards are hand printed from my original Illustrations on 280gsm, 100% recycled ribbed brown card and are teamed with a bright pink envelope. These cards will be available from our Christmas shop (open from the 6th of December) and my Etsy shop (open soon!).

Head over tails

Monday, 10 November 2014

On a crisp and beautiful Sunday morning I packed myself off to the studio to print these little characters to hopefully, give whoever you choose to send them to, a bit of a giggle.
These cards are hand printed from my original Illustrations on 280gsm, 100% recycled ribbed brown card and will be teamed with a bright pink envelope.
They can be purchased separately or together (to get the full effect). I think a lovely idea would be to write "Happy" in one and "Birthday"/"Christmas" in the other!
These cards along with all of my products will be available from my Etsy shop (opening soon!) and our Christmas shop, details of which can be found here: "The Old Farmhouse Christmas Shop"

"The Old Farmhouse Christmas Shop"

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Something strange happens in November. Everyone goes quiet. Heads down, scarves up to their ears, headphones in with the music turned up just that little bit higher. Shop windows sparkle and flash and in turn our pulse rates soar. 
Sometimes, at Christmas, it's nice to escape the rush of the department store's and look for something just a little bit different. Something you know, has been made by hand, in small numbers, so you can walk away having just purchased something truly unique.
So, I invite you to escape the city race for a while, and come to our Christmas shop nestled deep in the Dorset countryside. 
There will be home made mince pie's and mulled delights to warm your cockles whilst you browse our collection of original prints, paintings, cards and homewares by *Artist Not Included Illustration and Artist : Jeannie Brunskill :

Opening Times: 
6th, 7th, 12th, 13th and 14th of December

The Old Farmhouse Studio, 
Gussage Saint Michael, 
BH21 5JE.

"Always In My Heart"

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

 There is are few animals as magical Hare's, and this print, hot off the press, entitled "Always in My heart" is the beginning to a magical story about two of them (more to be revealed in the near future!). This print would make the perfect heartfelt "Mother to be" present, or for anyone close to your heart and will be available from my Etsy shop (opening next week!) or my Christmas shop nestled in the Dorset countryside (where Hare's are often spotted!) open from the 6th of December, details of which will follow.

Just a note to say...

Saturday, 1 November 2014

If I could describe one of my perfect morning's it would start with a letter landing on my doorstep. I would make a rich coffee and take a seat overlooking the cities rooftops on a crisp autumn day, ravens dancing comically from tile to tile, and there I would absorb each and every word.
There are few things more heart warming than someone taking the time to write you a heartfelt note, just ... because.
These luxury,  handmade cards give you the perfect excuse to tell someone special, that you are thinking about them (or maybe something more dramatic like... declaring your undying love for them?...It really is up to you).

These cards are hand printed from my original Illustrations on 280gsm, 100% recycled ribbed brown card teamed with a bright pink envelope. More designs will follow.
Both bear and pug designs are available to buy soon, either from my Etsy shop (opening in a matter of days!) or from my Christmas shop which will be open from the 6th of December in Dorset (details to follow).
Please contact me directly : for more information.

The Printed Bear : AVAILABLE SOON!

Friday, 31 October 2014

If you go down to the woods today.... 
and you see this guy...

"The Plum Bear" by *Artist Not Included
"Bear!" by *Artist Not Included

"The Plum Bear" Screen Print : 460x330mm
"Bear!" Screen Print : 460x330mm
Made by Hand in the UK

For all enquiries please contact me directly :

"Posh Pug" Prints AVAILABLE SOON!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

So, I have been hard at work in the studio again, creating yet more canine characters to melt your heart. Pug's have always had such a fascinating character for me, just one look with those big googley eye's and I'm jelly! So it only made sense that my next print in this collection should be a Pug to sit next to my Sausage Dog print.
Pugs for me, spell out luxury and soft, subtle colours, so I was inspired by lavender and ice cream tones for the backgrounds combined with a richer version of those shade for the line detail.

"Posh Pug" by *Artist Not Included

This Print is available in three colours (so far!) : 
Lilac and Lavender, 
Pink and Peach, 
Pink and Lavender (pictured).
All colours are available in both 590x490mm and 380x300mm

I am opening my Etsy shop shortly (and a Christmas Shop from the 6th of December, stay tuned for further information!) but, to find out more about these prints please don't hesitate to get in touch with me directly :

Sausage Dog Prints AVAILABLE SOON!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Well ladies, gents, and sausage dogs everywhere: "Hot Chipolata" the sausage dog print has arrived! Hand drawn and hand screen printed in the UK by me, this two part print would add character to any room (over the bed I think would work particularly well!).

This print comes in three colours (so far) : 
Hot Chipolata (Pictured): 490x590mm
 Mint Sausage (Light Indigo and Dark Indigo line): 490x590mm
 I have also done a limited edition run called "Darling Dachshund"(Pictured): 300x380mm

I am opening my Etsy shop shortly (and a Christmas Shop from the 6th of December, stay tuned for further information!) but, to find out more about these prints please don't hesitate to get in touch with me directly :

Sketchbook work : The French Bulldog

Thursday, 25 September 2014

I am currently working on sketches for my next print and I am toying with the idea of a French Bulldog. Either that or a Pug. Hmm decisions, decisions. I'll keep you up to date.
Sausage Dog Print pictures will be posted asap by the way, so stay tuned!

More Silly Sausages!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

So, here is my second batch of Screen Printed Sausage Dogs in the making. This time in cool, calm and collected Mint colours! Perfect for brightening up any room, and with the second part of the print (stay tuned!) it will be sure to cheer you up each day and make you giggle!
As you will see by my pictures, each print is 100% hand-made, first hand drawn and then going on to be hand screen printed by me! They will be available to purchase very soon! So stay tuned for more pictures and information!

Silly Sausage!

Monday, 22 September 2014

You can't walk down the street where I live, without seeing, a sausage dog. There are little ones, big ones, dappled ones, shiny smooth ones, curly haired wild ones, and even one, who is blonde all over apart from it's tail which looks like it has been dipped in black ink!
They are everywhere! And I can't say I contain my excitement very well (can you tell?) when I see one, as the owners back away slowly from my squeals of delight, but I can't help myself. I love them!
Why? Well, some people simply don't "get" what all the fuss is about, but to me, sausage dogs are beyond charming. They strut with a proud wiggle down the high street as if to say "Yes I may be small, I may be wiggly, and slightly silly looking but I am proud!".
So, it is no surprise the first set of prints for my new collection are based about sausage dogs! I find my sketch books are filled to the brim with sketch after sketch of each sighting, and I thought it was about time I admitted my addiction and headed to the studio.
And so it begins with "Hot Chipolata" a rather lovely coral number! I will be posting pictures of the finished products along with information of where and when they will be available to purchase, along with other colour options very soon, so stay tuned!

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