Sketchbook work : The French Bulldog

Thursday, 25 September 2014

I am currently working on sketches for my next print and I am toying with the idea of a French Bulldog. Either that or a Pug. Hmm decisions, decisions. I'll keep you up to date.
Sausage Dog Print pictures will be posted asap by the way, so stay tuned!

More Silly Sausages!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

So, here is my second batch of Screen Printed Sausage Dogs in the making. This time in cool, calm and collected Mint colours! Perfect for brightening up any room, and with the second part of the print (stay tuned!) it will be sure to cheer you up each day and make you giggle!
As you will see by my pictures, each print is 100% hand-made, first hand drawn and then going on to be hand screen printed by me! They will be available to purchase very soon! So stay tuned for more pictures and information!

Silly Sausage!

Monday, 22 September 2014

You can't walk down the street where I live, without seeing, a sausage dog. There are little ones, big ones, dappled ones, shiny smooth ones, curly haired wild ones, and even one, who is blonde all over apart from it's tail which looks like it has been dipped in black ink!
They are everywhere! And I can't say I contain my excitement very well (can you tell?) when I see one, as the owners back away slowly from my squeals of delight, but I can't help myself. I love them!
Why? Well, some people simply don't "get" what all the fuss is about, but to me, sausage dogs are beyond charming. They strut with a proud wiggle down the high street as if to say "Yes I may be small, I may be wiggly, and slightly silly looking but I am proud!".
So, it is no surprise the first set of prints for my new collection are based about sausage dogs! I find my sketch books are filled to the brim with sketch after sketch of each sighting, and I thought it was about time I admitted my addiction and headed to the studio.
And so it begins with "Hot Chipolata" a rather lovely coral number! I will be posting pictures of the finished products along with information of where and when they will be available to purchase, along with other colour options very soon, so stay tuned!

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