"Posh Pug" Prints AVAILABLE SOON!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

So, I have been hard at work in the studio again, creating yet more canine characters to melt your heart. Pug's have always had such a fascinating character for me, just one look with those big googley eye's and I'm jelly! So it only made sense that my next print in this collection should be a Pug to sit next to my Sausage Dog print.
Pugs for me, spell out luxury and soft, subtle colours, so I was inspired by lavender and ice cream tones for the backgrounds combined with a richer version of those shade for the line detail.

"Posh Pug" by *Artist Not Included

This Print is available in three colours (so far!) : 
Lilac and Lavender, 
Pink and Peach, 
Pink and Lavender (pictured).
All colours are available in both 590x490mm and 380x300mm

I am opening my Etsy shop shortly (and a Christmas Shop from the 6th of December, stay tuned for further information!) but, to find out more about these prints please don't hesitate to get in touch with me directly : artistnotincluded@gmail.com

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