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Saturday, 1 November 2014

If I could describe one of my perfect morning's it would start with a letter landing on my doorstep. I would make a rich coffee and take a seat overlooking the cities rooftops on a crisp autumn day, ravens dancing comically from tile to tile, and there I would absorb each and every word.
There are few things more heart warming than someone taking the time to write you a heartfelt note, just ... because.
These luxury,  handmade cards give you the perfect excuse to tell someone special, that you are thinking about them (or maybe something more dramatic like... declaring your undying love for them?...It really is up to you).

These cards are hand printed from my original Illustrations on 280gsm, 100% recycled ribbed brown card teamed with a bright pink envelope. More designs will follow.
Both bear and pug designs are available to buy soon, either from my Etsy shop (opening in a matter of days!) or from my Christmas shop which will be open from the 6th of December in Dorset (details to follow).
Please contact me directly : artistnotincluded@gmail.com for more information.

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