'Mint Tea Boutique' in Winchester

Thursday, 20 November 2014

I am very proud to say that my Sausage Dog and Pug Prints along with my cards are now available from 'The Mint Tea Boutique' and I thought I would share this haven of pure luxury with you.
'The Mint Tea Boutique' is one of those shops where everything else just melts away. You can chat to the lovely owners about how gorgeous things are, or you can just quietly fondle the beautiful array of treasure's which surround you. 
Basically, it's the shop equivalent of a bear hug.
The Clothes are inspired by Vintage styles with a modern twist, the perfect place to find those staple pieces to work your 'basic's' around, like this Louche 'Neale' skirt.
 The Homeware's have a bohemian feel but again with a sense of nostalgia. I particularly like, and purchased, the 'Kariba Glass Antique Frames' for photographs and keepsakes.
There really is something for everyone with gifts for men and a range for kids that will melt your heart.
So instead of sharpening your elbows for the Christmas rush through swarming shopping centres, take time out, not just for gifts, 
but for yourself. 

Mint Tea Boutique,
The Consortium,
39 Jewry Street,
S023 8RY.


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