Love With A Chance Of Drowning by Torre DeRoche

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Illustration by Charley B / *Artist Not Included
March is a time when we unfurl from underneath those nettlesome wool jumpers, all a little fuller and fluffier than when we went in. We open our front doors squinting in the sunlight, wedged into last years lycra like retired super-hero's looking to make a come back. Then with one big stretch, we lunge whole hearted into this exciting season of new beginnings - Spring.

However, surfacing from our burrows where we have laid, enveloped in a warming routine of cosy nights in can take some persuasion. This is where 'Love with a chance of Drowning' by Torre DeRoche comes in.

DeRoche is 25 years old, Australian, and a month into living and working as an Illustrator in San Francisco. Everything appears to be on course for a 'Sex And The City' style memoir of a girl trying to make it. However, 'one last drink' with friends at a cocktail bar topples this city girl into the arms of a brooding stranger, and so this not so conventional love story unfolds.

It's at this point we meet Ivan, a firey Argentinian with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and another lady in his life, Gracie. Gracie is 26 years old, quirky and beautiful, but is she capable? Ivan thinks so, and that's why he plans to sail her across the pacific. But unbeknown to DeRoche as she sit's down to her cocktail, she's the one going with him. 

With an acute fear of deep water and prone to sea sickness, DeRoche fights through her fears and hops on an old boat with her new beau on their year long voyage. The lovers face everything: brutal weather, drifting off course, leaks and the inevitable emotional turmoil. Torre DeRoche is a city girl indeed, but a city girl with serious Cojones.

Love With A Chance of Drowning is an uplifting and inspiring account of the cross roads of life and making a decision based completely on love. Sometime's you need to close your eye's and jump with your heart wide open, your fears exposed and plenty of sea sickness tablets at the ready!

Coming up : My interview with Torre DeRoche!

Label of Love

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The finishing touches have now been added to my "I Love You More Than Worms" prints with a few words about Tree Sparrows, printed on 100% recycled card. The prints are now on sale from my Etsy shop here.

Tree Sparrows : Part Three

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Yesterday I got to work on finishing the Paper cut versions of my "I Love You More Than Worms" prints, and I am really pleased with the results. This print is now available from my Etsy shop here.

Each leaf and twig was individually cut and set on top of a wheat yellow nest that allows you to see through to the intricate twists underneath, creating a feel of looking into the sparrow's home.

The print is framed in a white 30 x 30cm box frame and would make a lovely gift for bird lovers, a loved one, or to keep all to yourself! My first sale for this one was for a wedding gift, which I thought was a lovely idea.

Tree Sparrows : Part Two

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Yesterday I went to Badger Press to see all of my planning and drawing eventuate into my final screen print of two tree sparrows in their nest. This print is now available to purchase here.

I arrived at the studio early, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Kettle on, coffee made and the old radio that on full volume is a crackled and comforting hush, switched on. I jump straight into setting up my screens as the two lovely printmakers I will share the studio with arrive. 

I cut the paper then mix the ink in the midst of exchanging tip's over tea, tape the screens and pull through the colours one by one. I make a silly mistake, and decide to break for lunch. Refuelled, I get back to it.

More than enough cups of tea and more than an acceptable number of chocolate biscuits later I stand before my finished work, with yet another cup of tea in hand to take it all in. 

There is nothing like the feeling of seeing something you have created from start to finish, evolve. From what started as an Idea in your imagination, sparked from something quite insignificant, it develops, colour by colour. Things don't always go to plan, mistakes are made, but more often than not, those flaws ignite a new idea, or better yet turn into something quite beautiful.

"I Love You More Than Worms" / 23 x 23cm / is now available from my Etsy shop unframed and will soon be available as a framed bespoke paper cut like this one . If you would like to pre-order a paper cut then please contact me directly :

Tree Sparrows : Part One

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Tomorrow I am heading off to Badger Press studio to print a design I have been working on entitled : "And Then I Found You" an Illustration of two Tree Sparrows in their nest surrounded by twigs and leaves entwined together. 

At the moment I am working on the different layer's that go into creating the final print. It's a time consuming process as each layer has to be traced, filled in, and put together like a puzzle at the end. It feels like doing a creative version of Suduku, but I love it!

The saying "Measure twice, cut once" is very suited to the process of Screen Printing as all the serious thinking is done at this stage so that actually printing the design is relatively stress free. I learnt this the hard way, and I think that development in itself is essential so you learn.

This print will be available as a 23x23cm print, framed and unframed as well as a special edition paper cut in the style of this one from my Etsy shop next week.

Five Shades Of Red

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Written and Illustrated by Charley B / *ArtistNotIncluded
You've thought about it. We all have...

You've thought about it in Department stores. You've thought about it at home.

However, there comes a point when you have to stop thinking about it, and just try it. Anyone can wear red lipstick with a little know how, and it really is as simple as this:

  • Orange based reds: are best suited to yellow skin tones.
  • Blue / pink based reds: are best suited to cool skin tones.
  • Dark berry based reds: are best suited to darker skin tones.

However, there are, once in while, those Red lipsticks that emerge like Heroines from a sea of near-miss shades. Lipsticks so epic, beauty consultants would be met with a plethora of stiletto related injuries if they were to ever utter that dreaded word, "DISCONTINUED".*
Here are 5 of what I believe are strong contenders for the best shades of red lipstick out there:
Illustrated by Charley B / *ArtistNotIncluded
'Lady Danger' by MAC:
The comic book character 'Lady Danger' otherwise known as Valerie Vaughn was a pampered rich girl turned journalist, who sought out danger wherever she could. Turns out she wasn't so popular and fizzled out in comic book land, but 'by golly' did she kick some arse in the make-up world!
This gutsy matte finish coral red, looks particularly at home on olive skin tones, but it really does work on anyone who has the confidence to wear it.
'Lady Danger' by MAC, £15.50 :
Illustrated by Charley B / *ArtistNotIncluded
'Brat Pack' by Lipstick Queen:
One word, Luxury, with a capital 'Luh'. Inspired by the glamorous years of Hollywood, the Velvet Rope range by Poppy King will leave you air kissing your bare lip day's 'buh-bye'. 'Brat Pack' is a classic red that deserves bubbles, and I'm not talking bath bubbles 'sweety'.
'Brat Pack' by Lipstick Queen, £35 :
Illustrated by Charley B / *ArtistNotIncluded
'Fatal Red' by Maybelline:
This creamy, 'one size fits all' shade is ideal for first timer's, as it's colour and texture would fulfil anyone's expectations of a Red Lipstick. It doesn't pack a punch like Revlon's 'Fire and Ice' or have the quirky allure of MAC's 'Lady Danger', but Maybelline's 'Fatal Red' does what it says on the tin. It's a true Red.
'Fatal Red' by Maybelline, £6.99 :
Illustrated by Charley B / *ArtistNotIncluded

'Fire and Ice' by Revlon :
This shade could be mistaken for one reserved only for the brave at first glance. However, there is a reason 'Fire and Ice' has been around since 1952. This near neon red is an unexpected 'Chameleon' shade, that looks different on everyone who wears it.  On some people it looks pink, on others a spicy tomato red. Either way this classic should be a secret weapon in every woman's make-up bag.
'Fire and Ice' by Revlon, £7.49 :
Illustrated by Charley B / *ArtistNotIncluded
'Red Lizard' by NARS:
A modern take on a classic that will leave you reaching for your curling tongs and throwing on 'La vie en rose'. A sumptuous full bodied red, 'Red Lizard' is perfect for darker skin tones but also looks deadly divine on fairer skin tones as well. Dramatic, bold, colours like this need no introduction, keep the rest of your make-up simple and let your lips do the talking. 
'Red Lizard' by NARS, £20.00 :

*Please note that no matter how amazing any cosmetic product is, I do not under any circumstance recommend stiletto related violence due to discontinuation. Put the Louboutin down!

Stay tuned for the next edition of '5 Shades of Red' entitled '5 Ways To Wear Red' where I show you how to wear 1 lipstick 5 different ways.

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