Love With A Chance Of Drowning by Torre DeRoche

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Illustration by Charley B / *Artist Not Included
March is a time when we unfurl from underneath those nettlesome wool jumpers, all a little fuller and fluffier than when we went in. We open our front doors squinting in the sunlight, wedged into last years lycra like retired super-hero's looking to make a come back. Then with one big stretch, we lunge whole hearted into this exciting season of new beginnings - Spring.

However, surfacing from our burrows where we have laid, enveloped in a warming routine of cosy nights in can take some persuasion. This is where 'Love with a chance of Drowning' by Torre DeRoche comes in.

DeRoche is 25 years old, Australian, and a month into living and working as an Illustrator in San Francisco. Everything appears to be on course for a 'Sex And The City' style memoir of a girl trying to make it. However, 'one last drink' with friends at a cocktail bar topples this city girl into the arms of a brooding stranger, and so this not so conventional love story unfolds.

It's at this point we meet Ivan, a firey Argentinian with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and another lady in his life, Gracie. Gracie is 26 years old, quirky and beautiful, but is she capable? Ivan thinks so, and that's why he plans to sail her across the pacific. But unbeknown to DeRoche as she sit's down to her cocktail, she's the one going with him. 

With an acute fear of deep water and prone to sea sickness, DeRoche fights through her fears and hops on an old boat with her new beau on their year long voyage. The lovers face everything: brutal weather, drifting off course, leaks and the inevitable emotional turmoil. Torre DeRoche is a city girl indeed, but a city girl with serious Cojones.

Love With A Chance of Drowning is an uplifting and inspiring account of the cross roads of life and making a decision based completely on love. Sometime's you need to close your eye's and jump with your heart wide open, your fears exposed and plenty of sea sickness tablets at the ready!

Coming up : My interview with Torre DeRoche!

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