Tree Sparrows : Part Two

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Yesterday I went to Badger Press to see all of my planning and drawing eventuate into my final screen print of two tree sparrows in their nest. This print is now available to purchase here.

I arrived at the studio early, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Kettle on, coffee made and the old radio that on full volume is a crackled and comforting hush, switched on. I jump straight into setting up my screens as the two lovely printmakers I will share the studio with arrive. 

I cut the paper then mix the ink in the midst of exchanging tip's over tea, tape the screens and pull through the colours one by one. I make a silly mistake, and decide to break for lunch. Refuelled, I get back to it.

More than enough cups of tea and more than an acceptable number of chocolate biscuits later I stand before my finished work, with yet another cup of tea in hand to take it all in. 

There is nothing like the feeling of seeing something you have created from start to finish, evolve. From what started as an Idea in your imagination, sparked from something quite insignificant, it develops, colour by colour. Things don't always go to plan, mistakes are made, but more often than not, those flaws ignite a new idea, or better yet turn into something quite beautiful.

"I Love You More Than Worms" / 23 x 23cm / is now available from my Etsy shop unframed and will soon be available as a framed bespoke paper cut like this one . If you would like to pre-order a paper cut then please contact me directly :

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