That Little Shop On The Corner

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

When I was little, there was a general store where we used to go to buy supplies. I referred to it as, 'The Blue Door' simply because, it's door was blue. 

This shop for me was more than a general store, it contributed to my childhood memories. I remember the walls towering above me, lined with shelves of polished glass jars and perfectly placed tins, the friendly tweed clad owner who never forgot our names, and of course my poison of choice. The perfect marriage of liquorice and sherbet all wrapped up in yellow and red. The Sherbet Fountain.

Life changed, and I moved away, but still, the memories stay with me. Memories that little shop with the blue door created. Then I discovered Twyford Stores.

Driving through the beautiful Hampshire village of Twyford, I would always see this lovely shop on the corner. Each time I passed it, various characters would leave with brown paper bags bursting at the seams or boxes overflowing with threadbare roots from local vegetables. 

It was inevitable; eventually, I had to go in. 

Walking up the red brick steps, the porch is lined with flowers of vintage colours sat on worn upturned apple boxes, inviting you into the shop through, strangely enough, a set of blue doors.

I enter to a warm welcome from behind the counter, from a smartly dressed man wearing a bow tie, nursing a mug of tea. 
The shop is an abundance of local produce, with everything you could possibly need - Jars of handmade preserves, Hampshire reared charcuterie, cheese so local you could throw stones onto the cheese makers roof top, and a corner of dark wooden shelving dedicated completely to, wine.  

Twyford Stores offers as much as your local supermarket and yet it has so much more, it has character and it has a heart. You feel welcomed, and valuable to this store, not just another link in a chain, to a line, that just isn't fast enough.

I am very proud to now count Twyford stores as one of my stockists, and I decided one sunny afternoon, to deliver their order by hand.

Having walked a fair way, I thought it was only right to pick up supplies to refuel. As I placed my chosen items on the glass counter, there they were, all wrapped up in yellow and red, the perfect marriage of Liquorice and sherbet.

As the blue door swings shut behind me I pull the cable of black liquorice from it's sherbet surround and set off on my journey home, a mere 3 and a half miles (and 18 years) away.

What is your favourite local store? Leave a comment below and tell me about it :

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