Thursday, 28 May 2015

At the moment I am working on my new Autumn/Winter designs for the *Artist Not Included card range, last week I finished the Owl, and I have just finished the Cockerel, that is now ready to be Screen Printed.

The most important thing for me with this design was that the character really came across. For me, Cockerels are seriously beautiful birds, wearing their attitude and a cape of feathers like armour on top, only to look down at the mass of fluffy plumes spilling over their skinny legs underneath. It's as if they are wearing a pair of very elaborate trousers! They are very entertaining to watch.

I loved how the sunlight lit up the pages of my sketchbook this week, and Muddy Waters kept me going through drawing each feather.

Next up, an animal that constructs It's nest from shredded honeysuckle bark woven Into a ball.

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