Owl - Part Two

Thursday, 21 May 2015

 Well, It took many, many hours but here he is: Mr Owl In pen and Ink ready to be screen printed for my new Autumn/Winter card collection and prints!

Each feather has been drawn individually, so I have as always, been walking around with a permenant Ink stain on third finger for days, to create the look of layer after layer of gorgeous striped feathers.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this because I love the detail and natural symmetry of feathers, and definitely want to do some studies of them individually. I think they would make lovely prints (stay tuned!).

When there is a repetitive pattern in a drawing I am doing, knowing It will take me hours to complete, music is a must. For this Illustration the new Jose Gonsalez album "Vestiges And Claws" which is absolutely magical was on repeat. With each replay I found another note to fall in love with. Absolutely stunning.

Next up, another bird, but this time, one with serious attitude!

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