Two Sisters Home, London

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Two Sisters Home recently became a stockist of the *Artist Not Included card range and I am very proud to think of them sitting in this beautiful shop in London.

With a shared love for interiors, sisters Natasha Sharpe and Jane Duffy-Lynch opened Two Sisters Home in Wimbledon village in September 2011.

Everything in the shop is hand picked by Natasha and Jane who source their stock from vintage fairs, large and small independent suppliers in Britain, Europe and further afield.

The result of their combined tastes is an eclectic mix of modern and classic designs of both furniture and home accessories. The shelves are full of French and Italian glassware, British textiles and ceramics, whilst the ceilings are decked with pendant lights making you feel as though your ideal home is very much at your fingertips.

If you don't live in London Two Sisters Home is also online: and these are just some of my favourite pieces :

Vintage Orchard Ladder £150
Pastel Patterned Vase from £10
Paris Salad Bowl £18
Last but definitely not least, no summer drink, not even juice at breakfast time (maybe that's just me?) would be complete without one of these little beauties:
Cocktail sets from £15
However, if you do find yourself in Wimbledon Village make sure you pop in to this gorgeous shop as you will, thanks to these two sisters, feel completely inspired and very much at home.

Two Sister Home, 3 Church Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 5DW / 0208 605 2441

New Card Collection

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Over the past few weeks you would have seen me slowly piecing together my designs for my new card collection. Well here they are finished and ready to go!

I wanted this collection to have an Industrial look, this Idea came from studying the sharp edges and uniform pattern of birds feathers, reminding me of armour. With this Idea as my inspiration, I decided on a grey recycled card and and teamed it with a rusted gold envelope.

Armed with my blank cards I headed off to the studio, set up my screens, mixed up a pot of rich black Ink and pulled through hundreds of; Owls, Cockerels, Ducks and Dormice.

After the cards were printed it was time to shoot! As you will see from my previous collections, I like to style each shot in a simple way with a few props.

I found some lovely little embroidery scissors at a Haberdashery, I then went to my local florist and came out with a couple of small echeveria plants, a bunch of beautiful pink peonies and blue thistles, so it's safe to say I had plenty of options!

In the end the peonies won hands down, the fluffy petals reminded me of endless layers of soft feathers, and the colour looked just right.

This collection will be available from my Etsy shop from next week and If you are a interested In becoming a stockist of this range then please visit my stockists page for more information.


Sunday, 7 June 2015

Well, my final design for the new card collection is now finished, with an Illustration of a male Mallard Duck.

At first glance Mallards look as though they are made up of very simple colour block sections; green, black, grey and brown. When you look closer however,  they are incredibly detailed, made up of multiple layers of patterned feathers. I made sure to work on this to create plenty of volume!

However, capturing the characterful walk of this delightful bird was my focus, and I wanted to make sure that he was caught in action lifting one foot up on his way somewhere. And those are some feet!

I am definitely going to develop this Illustration further as the colours are too fantastic not to be explored. I have another card collection to finish first, but after that I am concentrating on developing a print range of the best from my collections this year. So stay tuned!

Hazel Dormouse

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

I have just finished my third design for my AW15 card collection, and here it is; The Hazel Dormouse. I am very pleased with the final result ready to be Screen Printed next week. I decided to incorporate a suggestion of a nest in the background with this one, but I was careful not to overcomplicate it.

I like to know as much about whatever I am drawing. I study them visually ; from the direction of their fur, the shape of their paws, to the knobbly bit's on their feet, but, I also like to get to know about their character. It's like, if you are doing a portrait, you like to get to know that person to stand the best chance in capturing that 'Something' about them.

Hazel dormice are notoriously shy, introverted and nocturnal creatures with a love to Hazelnuts, hence their name. In fact their latin name avellanarius means 'Hazel'.

Speaking of hazelnuts did you know that it takes a dormouse 20 minutes to open one? Talk about making a meal of things! They open the nuts by making a small opening with their teeth, going on to enlarge it by turning the nut round and around (like a very slow can opener!) eventually scooping the nut out. The results of this technique are rather beautiful hollow shells. It also take them up to 20 minutes to wake up if roused from sleep too, so it sounds like a pretty relaxed life right?

Unfortunately not, the hazel dormouse is in danger of extinction due to changes in woodland management, farming practices and loss of hedgerows. The solution? Supporting conservation charities like The Woodland Trust, who fight to protect ancient woods and restore the ones that are already damaged. For more information please visit their website :
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