Sunday, 7 June 2015

Well, my final design for the new card collection is now finished, with an Illustration of a male Mallard Duck.

At first glance Mallards look as though they are made up of very simple colour block sections; green, black, grey and brown. When you look closer however,  they are incredibly detailed, made up of multiple layers of patterned feathers. I made sure to work on this to create plenty of volume!

However, capturing the characterful walk of this delightful bird was my focus, and I wanted to make sure that he was caught in action lifting one foot up on his way somewhere. And those are some feet!

I am definitely going to develop this Illustration further as the colours are too fantastic not to be explored. I have another card collection to finish first, but after that I am concentrating on developing a print range of the best from my collections this year. So stay tuned!

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