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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Over the past few weeks you would have seen me slowly piecing together my designs for my new card collection. Well here they are finished and ready to go!

I wanted this collection to have an Industrial look, this Idea came from studying the sharp edges and uniform pattern of birds feathers, reminding me of armour. With this Idea as my inspiration, I decided on a grey recycled card and and teamed it with a rusted gold envelope.

Armed with my blank cards I headed off to the studio, set up my screens, mixed up a pot of rich black Ink and pulled through hundreds of; Owls, Cockerels, Ducks and Dormice.

After the cards were printed it was time to shoot! As you will see from my previous collections, I like to style each shot in a simple way with a few props.

I found some lovely little embroidery scissors at a Haberdashery, I then went to my local florist and came out with a couple of small echeveria plants, a bunch of beautiful pink peonies and blue thistles, so it's safe to say I had plenty of options!

In the end the peonies won hands down, the fluffy petals reminded me of endless layers of soft feathers, and the colour looked just right.

This collection will be available from my Etsy shop from next week and If you are a interested In becoming a stockist of this range then please visit my stockists page for more information.

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