Collaboration With Jackdaw Bindery

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Some use theirs to jot down idea's for that book or a film script, others for doodles of dogs (ahem) or as a place for daily ramblings. Some say using one stretches your IQ, boosts your memory and even improves your self confidence. In my opinion, everyone should try keeping one at some point in their life, I am of course talking about, The Journal.

I had a very special gift to get recently, I had done an Illustration of that persons favourite bird, dreamt up the idea of printing it onto some leather and getting a bespoke journal made. The problem is I dream up these idea's all the time, like when I go shopping, I dream up a dress, go searching for it, but I never find it. However, in this case, my dream could become a reality when I found Jackdaw Bindery.

As soon as I found Jackdaw Bindery on Etsy I knew I was in the right place. Shop owner and bookbinder (very talented lady!) Louise Knight, was enthusiastic about my idea from the start, and after trialing of inks, sampling of leathers and holding my breath with each pull through the screen, this beauty arrived!

I couldn't ask for a better shopping experience with Louise, she guided me through every stage of the process and her passion for book binding is infectious! She took my idea and not only made it a reality, she took it to a whole new level! I was totally blown away and as for the person who received it, well, let's just say, it was emotional.

Of course, now that I know what Louise can do, I have visions of more journals! Sausage dog journals! Pug journals! Owl journals! The possibilities are endless! So, watch this space!

Bespoke Journal by Louise of Jackdaw Bindery:
Illustrations and screen printing by Charley of *Artist Not Included
Photography courtesy Jackdaw Bindery

'Brinkley' The Lakeland Terrier

Thursday, 6 August 2015

So, I have been a bit quiet lately, sat at my desk creating my, Christmas collection.

Yep. Christmas collection. 

Even though the sun is shining out there, I am trying to get into the mind set of itchy Christmas knits and mince pies. Crazy.

I am nearly finished, but there is one last design on it's way, and that is where 'Brinkley' The Lakeland Terrier comes in.

If you haven't heard of 'The Dorset Finca' before, then you need to go there now (just click on the link) because put simply it is a beautiful blog. 'Brinkley' is The Hound Of Finca, he's a Lakeland Terrier and he's gorgeous.

When starting a new design, I grab my sketchbook and do speed sketches. The lovely thing about this is I totally let go and see what happens, my only restriction being time.

The results of speed sketching is hopefully; fun, energetic sketches that can be developed into a final design. Most of the time when doing this exercise myself the results never see the light of day ( a lot of very strange looking creatures lurk between the pages of my sketchbook!) but this time, I couldn't resist showing you these. 

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