Beetles, Moths And An Unexpected Visitor

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Well, work is well underway on my new collections and I wanted to share these little critters with you. 

As you may have noticed, I love Illustrating creatures of all shapes and sizes. I particularly like drawing natural structures and repeating patterns such as feathers and scales, so insects are particularly attractive to me. 

Beetle shells are amazing when you study them closely. The geometric sections join together like a suit of armour, and the colours of some of them can only be likened to sequins. Even the matte black of a Lesser Stag Beetle is fascinating for it's depth. I only wish their exact colours could be bottled!

Then there are moths, like winged warriors of the night (apart from some species of Hawk Moths that also fly in the daytime). The symmetrical patterns on their wings allow them to blend like beautiful wall flowers, but they are far from the shy retiring type to me. Their russian hat style heads (please refer to the Festoon Moth) make me think of theatre costume or high fashion winter attire.

These lovely creatures will eventually be part of a large screen print illuminated with bright colours under the black detail so stay tuned!

On a side note: Whilst I was drawing I was surprised to meet this lovely cricket who crept up onto my plate to hoover up the last of my cracker crumbs.

After some research I found out that this is a Dark Bush Cricket. She has obviously been in a bit of a tussle having lost one antennae and a foot at the front. Hopefully, she will be up and hopping again pretty soon. However, in the meantime she has inspired another bug Illustration, so thanks for stopping by!

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