Moths & Butterflies : Part Two

Monday, 30 November 2015

Walking through the city where I live right now is like walking knee deep in honey surrounded by angry bee's. Armed with oversized shopping bags and stares that could kill, swarms of shoppers are hitting the high street in search of that gadget he will use once, and those things she will never wear. 

So, I was relieved to escape and spend some time at the studio last week putting together some limited edition prints for The Old Farmhouse Studio Shop in Dorset (which by the way is opening next weekend! But more on that later). I had some serious fun working on these guys :

Art prints of the whole collection seen here are now available from my Etsy shop in A4 and A3 sizes. Buy all four prints for an eye catching display with a Natural History feel that even Sir David Attenborough himself would surely approve of (oh, how I wish he would!) ahem, anyway, I'm off to prepare for the Christmas shop! Stay tuned for more about that over the coming days!

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