New Collection Launched!

Friday, 15 July 2016

After a lot of hard work my new collection has finally launched, and now available to buy from my stockists!

Looking back to when these designs were just an idea scribbled down in my notebook (probably whilst stood in the middle of a busy pavement knowing me!) now, here they are printed and out there on the shop shelves!

As always I'm blown away by the fantastic Holly Booth who never fails to create magical pictures from whatever I send to her. Thank you Holly! 

Well, I better get back to it as I'm already working on my next collection which means stepping in to new territory! So I will be in touch soon, but for now I'll leave you to have a browse! I would love to know what you think too! Go ahead, leave a comment.

Props : Pendant lamp by Vendimia Lighting Co : / Set of three vases / scissors and gold pineapple ornament by Rockett St George : / Beautiful flowers by Selenas Flowers in Derby : / Blue backdrop by :  G F Smith :


Run Rabbit Run!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

They are impossibly pretty with a nervous disposition, and this is the time of year they are everywhere. To some they are a pest, but to me they are magical.

However, I feel rabbits are just a little too cute and therefore, up to something. I'm not just talking rifling through Mrs Smiths prize carrots up to something either.

This thought inspired the next addition to my new collection.

So, what do you think?

What's The Time, Mr Fox?

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Dinner time it's seems. When else can you get away with a russet red bow tie?
I can't help but love Foxes, can you? They are certainly intriguing characters, with their feisty red fur and cheeky nature.

This new collection is all about dressing dapper with a rather eclectic dinner party in mind. So far we've had ; the Stag with a penchant for hats, and now Mr Fox who I think would make an excellent party guest.

Think about it, they would be easy to cook for (they love a good roast chicken like every Tom, Dick and Harry) and they would be witty with a dark sense of humour to keep things interesting!

Just for goodness sake DO NOT sit him next to a Rabbit!

Speaking of Rabbits ...

A Place To Hang My Hat

Monday, 16 May 2016

It all started with my top hat, and needing a place to hang it...
...then of course there's my bowler hat, that will need a place too...
...and my guests, they will need a place to hang their hats...
... ah yes, this will do nicely ...

... hang on a minute! What's this? 

This cheeky chap is just one of the five new designs that will be coming out at the end of this month! My new collection has been a long time in the making so I am excited that it's finally finished! A lot of ink has been used and my hand needs a holiday, but it's been a very satisfying project. I can't wait to get my new catalogue together and show you!
The very talented Holly Booth is photographing the cards at the end of this week, but until then, I will introduce you to the new additions to my range one by one. So, stay tuned as everything unfolds!

A Royal Guest

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The past couple of weeks have been a time where everything has come at once.

I've moved locations, worked right up to the last minute, packed deliveries into the small hours of the morning, slept for what seemed like 10 minutes, finishing everything off by flinging myself into the removal van in the dead of night clutching a pack of coffee, my sketchbook and a pint of milk.

If I can give you only one word of advice when moving, always keep coffee and milk separate and ready for the next day, always!

Anyway, I'm now settled and can finally introduce you to the next addition to my new collection! This is just the start of what this piece will eventually bee (sorry!). However here she is, The Queen Bee! I thoroughly enjoyed drawing the crown as I usually draw animals or people, so it was nice to draw such an intricate object like this.

What do you think?

A Black Tie Affair : Part One

Monday, 14 March 2016

As you may have noticed I have been quiet for a while. Sorry about that, but this rather lovely chap has been distracting me (as you can probably tell from his attire he is quite demanding, some might say 'Diva-ish' even).

Well, he is finally ready for his debut as one of a six part collection that I am working on. The most exciting part of this design however is yet to come, and I will have details about this very soon!

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