What's The Time, Mr Fox?

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Dinner time it's seems. When else can you get away with a russet red bow tie?
I can't help but love Foxes, can you? They are certainly intriguing characters, with their feisty red fur and cheeky nature.

This new collection is all about dressing dapper with a rather eclectic dinner party in mind. So far we've had ; the Stag with a penchant for hats, and now Mr Fox who I think would make an excellent party guest.

Think about it, they would be easy to cook for (they love a good roast chicken like every Tom, Dick and Harry) and they would be witty with a dark sense of humour to keep things interesting!

Just for goodness sake DO NOT sit him next to a Rabbit!

Speaking of Rabbits ...

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