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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Well, finally I have emerged from the studio having been busy drawing Christmas designs (yes, you heard it right ... Christmas designs) to finally sit down and catch up with you.

I must say it has been a strange time sitting in 30 degree heat with the fan on full speed, all the while listening to choral music to get in to the Christmas spirit in .... July. However, as I said before this is the strange and yet wonderful life of *Artist Not Included!

So, now those designs are being printed and foiled (yes! more shiny foil!) but since then my new collection has launched! 

Remember this glamorous bird ....

Don't worry I didn't forget her legs ...

What do you think? This design is now available as a pack from the artist not included website and you'll notice there are quite a few new ones to choose from too! Stay tuned!

Photography by : Holly Booth - www.hollybooth.com

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